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FU MUSIC is an independent music and visual arts label founded by Khalil Fong.

The culmination of over a decade of experience and innovation in the music industry, Khalil hopes to use FU MUSIC to bring a multicultural experience to the scene by fusing together Chinese and Western influences, while adhering to the highest of production values.

Driven by perseverance and an unrelenting work ethic, Khalil will personally nurture and develop like-minded artists and talents. FU MUSIC provides a platform for these creative minds to come together and truly unlock their exciting potential for artistic creation and collaboration.

Khalil Fong invites you to share in this next step of his musical journey and become a FU BACKER.

Khalil Fong Khalil Fong Khalil Fong Khalil Fong Khalil Fong Khalil Fong
Khalil Fong



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It was eleven years ago when Khalil Fong first entered the music scene. Ever since then, his ambition has been to create high quality music through the combination of Chinese and Western influences.

Now you are invited to share in the next big step in his musical journey.

FU MUSIC is an independent music and visual arts label founded by Khalil Fong; it carries his vision for representing a unique fusion of cultures through the highest of production values.

Entering into the first stages of development early this year, Khalil has begun seeking out various like-minded artists and composers. Acting as a hub to connect these creative minds, FU MUSIC strives to open the doors for artistic collaboration between talents of the highest calibre from around the world.

This cannot happen without your support.

Partnering with FringeBacker, we've set an initial goal of 10 million Hong Kong dollars for these opening 3 months. Through our rewards system, your participation can help us reach and even go beyond this first milestone, bringing the FU MUSIC vision to life! Your steady support will allow Khalil and the team to readily continue their pursuit to create a fresh and creative brand of high quality content for fans and music lovers alike.

A new breed of musicians and listeners are ready for an internationally competitive independent label backed by the fans. The world is ready for a label that actively cultivates creativity and develops new talent with the purpose of uniting and advancing the industry as a whole.

Khalil Fong welcomes you to be a part of this musical journey and become a FU BACKER.



Khalil Fong (方大同), born on 14 July, 1983 in Kauai, Hawaii, is a Mando-pop/R&B/Soul composer, producer and singer, notable for his unconventional and innovative approach in the Chinese music industry.

The evolution of his unique style is the result of diverse musical and cultural influences. Khalil was introduced to a variety of soul, funk, and jazz music at a very young age by his father, a professional drummer. By the age of 4, he had already shown interest in music, playing the drums at home and sitting in as a guest vocalist at his father's gigs. Khalil’s first endeavour to learn an instrument himself came when he started to play the guitar at the age of 15. He later on expanded his musicianship to playing the piano and drums for the sake of becoming a better producer and arranger.

The movie La Bamba had a great influence on inspiring Khalil to be a musician. Likewise, amongst his biggest influences are artists such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, D’Angelo, Jimi Hendrix, Questlove and Musiq Soulchild who have had a profound influence on the direction of Khalil’s musical journey. Art plays a paramount role in promoting and enhancing harmony among humanity, and music as an art acts as a medium for enriching and enlivening the human soul.

Despite being born in Hawaii, Khalil has been nurtured in both Chinese culture and language during his childhood years, living in Shanghai and Guangzhou. After moving to Hong Kong, he started to experiment in songwriting and began to record simple demos at home. His aim was to eventually introduce a more authentic soul, R&B, and hip-hop sound into Chinese music. Hence, Khalil has produced mostly Mandarin songs, gaining him a loyal following in Greater China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries. In addition to his own works, he is constantly involved in songwriting and production, penning tracks for influential artists such as A-mei, Eason Chan, Jane Zhang, Fiona Sit, Andy Lau, Joey Yung, Ivana Wong, Kay Tse and Jacky Cheung. Khalil is one of the few Chinese artists to focus on hook and rhythm based songwriting versus the traditional Chinese melodic formula.

Besides his dedication to the arts, Khalil is also passionate about living green and healthy, and to pass on the spirit of peace and unity. As he enters the 11th year of his career, Khalil has established a production team, JTW, named after the title of his upcoming double album due to be released in the third quarter of 2016.

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